Community engagement

Stakeholder engagement webinar

Meaningful is pleased to be supporting an exciting webinar hosted by community engagement platform SitePodium in partnership with Build Studios: ‘How can we work together to shape our towns & cities for the better?’

Our towns and cities have historically been shaped by a small group of people, including landowners, planners and property developers — yet the communities inhabiting them tend to have little influence over the development process and public consultation often comes too little and too late.

But things are changing fast. Aided by the rise of social media, issues such as the climate crisis, the Grenfell Tower fire and Black Lives Matter are empowering people to speak up and demand change like never before.

Within this context, Meaningful has convened a panel of industry experts to explore the future of effective stakeholder communication. In a conversation facilitated by Helen Santer of Build Studios, speakers will be invited to consider:

  • What does best practice community engagement look like?
  • How can we use existing tools to stimulate ideas and innovation?
  • Which new tools could help us be more inclusive and collaborative?
  • How can we involve young people and other community members whose voices are often overlooked?
  • How do we promote best practice to empower the decision-makers?

Our panel of community engagement experts includes:

The webinar will offer important insight into how developers can be more inclusive and collaborative in their approach and how local communities can be empowered to shape their environment in a positive way.

Join us to discover how to provide new platforms for previously unheard voices and find better ways to make decisions that affect local communities.

Spaces are limited so register now to secure your free place.

For more information contact Natalie Day.